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Humza Out, Sadiq Next?: How Crime, Anti Semitism, Woke Ideology May Cost London Mayor A Third Term


Humza Out, Sadiq Next?: How Crime, Anti Semitism, Woke Ideology May Cost London Mayor A Third Term



The first-ever Muslim Scottish first minister of Pakistani descent, Humza Yousaf, resigned on Monday in a shockingly self-destructive decision to dissolve a prosperous inter-party coalition between the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Green Party over discrepancies in climate goals.


The beleaguered ex-FM who rose to power on the backs of the disgraced Nicola Sturgeon had all the marks of a naive leader obsessed by power with little clue how to handle it.


At 37, Humza had broken history as the youngest first minister, but the anti-Israeli leader rapidly expanded his role to become the chief Western spokesperson for Palestine. Three days after Hamas massacred over 1200 Israelis and kidnapped over 300 others, Humza was the first Western leader to call for a ceasefire. In the months that followed, Humza diverted over £0.75 million aid earmarked for Scottish charities to the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) despite confirmed reports of its collusion with Hamas terrorists.


A vituperative Humza whose marriage to a Palestinian, many believe, is responsible for such defiant antisemitic stance, had lambasted the UK for abstaining from a ceasefire vote at the UN. Humza even went as far as pledging free hospital treatment and refugee settlement in Scotland strictly for thousands of Palestinian “civilians” —a slap on the face of 53,000 homeless Scots and over 824,000 stuck on NHS waiting lists.


While Humza remains loud and arrogant, Mayor Sadiq is rather slow and sly.


Without a word, the former terrorist-human-rights-advocate-turned-London-Mayor, has turned the once-peaceful and multicultural city into a haven of crime, rising taxes, unbridled antisemitism and inequality within eight years of rule.

One in 4 Londoners have reportedly been harrassed or robbed with over 40 blade crimes happening daily.


Sadiq promised and failed against the introduction of Ultra Low Emission Zone taxes—a horrifyingly exploitative climate tax policy forcing poor people to pay daily fines for being financially unable to afford an electric car. The Tooting mayor has now spent £3 million testing a much harsher pay-per-mile system which he says he’ll never impose. Sounds familiar?


Like Humza, Sadiq also defied the Labour Party official position to request a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, While he may have repeatedly condemned the October 7th atrocities by the terrorist group, the actions of the London metropolitan police who let violent antisemitic protesters flourish over the past six months, but frustrate Jews and pro-Israeli gathering, show exactly where Sadiq’s allegiance lies.


Needless to say, Humza is out. Will it be Sadiq next come May 2nd? Let embittered Londoners decide.


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