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Won’t Be Missed: Iranians React To President Ebrahim Raisi’s Demise


Won’t Be Missed: Iranians React To President Ebrahim Raisi’s Demise


Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisolsadati has been confirmed dead after helicopter wreckage was found this morning in the Dizmar forest, a mountainous region between Azerbaijan and Iran.

Hundreds of rescue teams combed the foggy mountains all night in a 14-hour-long search for the 63-year-old who met his demise on a Sunday trip to inspect a dam construction project in the border region.

Raisi, who is survived by wife, Jamileh and two children, ascended to the top government position three years ago, in an election marked by outrageous rigging and low voter turnout—much to the dictates of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the ultra-extremist supreme leader of Iran.


A Holocaust denier, perpetrator of mass opposition murders, and a propagator for the annihilation of the State of Israel, the former Chief Justice flooded his cabinet with Sharia-devotees and antisemitic extremists in his short reign as President oversaw the most right wing government characterized by corruption, helicopter-high inflation, unemployment and outright censorship.

Raisi repeatedly enriched uranium in total defiance of the Iranian deal, and funded a hydra-headed network of Islamist terrorist proxies with oil sale proceeds thus solidifying the country’s stance as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism especially in the light of its role as a supplier of weapons, funds and military training for the deadly October 7th 2023 attack on Israel by Gaza terrorist group, Hamas.

His death means millions of Iranians may have a flickering hope of pushback from a legitimized terrorist government with a fresh election due in 50 days, especially since the West has failed them and the UN continues to celebrate blatant human rights abuse and violent suppression of women’s rights by the regime.


60% of Iranians want a regime change. A section of reactions on X social media platform show thousands of Iranians celebrating across Europe and the US in defiance of the IRGC censorship, persecution. Over 60,000 Iranians stood behind Israel following Tehran’s April 14th attack on Israel.

Now with a growing population of Iranian Christians now surpassing one million, many believe a widespread rejection of Islamic extremism and its attendant religiously motivated terrorism is imminent in the Persian nation.

“The Butcher of Tehran won’t be missed” an X user posted; “Iranians want their oppressive leaders gone one way or the other.”

Raisi will be replaced on the interim by his vice president, Mohammed Mokhber, a nuclear arms peddler, a Kremlin stooge and the head of Setad—an investment fund built upon thousands of stolen Iranian properties from the 1979 Islamic revolution. Iran decides in 50 days.


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