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President Biden’s Ammunition Withhold Puts Israel Lives At Risk


President Biden’s Ammunition Withhold Puts Israel Lives At Risk


As the conflict in the Middle East continues to escalate, the Biden administration’s decision to withhold critical ammunition shipments from Israel has raised serious concerns and must be condemned.

Israel, a key ally of the United States, is facing an unprecedented barrage of rocket attacks from terrorist groups in the region. According to reports, over 1,400 rockets have been launched into Israel since the conflict began not neglecting the recent ones; and many Israelis have been killed, including a 5-year-old boy, and over 300 injured.

Joe Biden’s decision is particularly puzzling given his administration’s repeated assurances of support for Israel’s right to self-defence. By withholding ammunition, Biden is effectively undermining Israel’s ability to defend itself. This is not only a moral failing but also a strategic blunder, putting innocent lives at risk and supporting terrorism.

Moreover, this vicious act sends a dangerous message to hostile actors in the region, emboldening them to continue their aggression against Israel. It is a clear signal that Joe Biden is not committed to supporting Israel in times of need, potentially destabilizing the entire region.

Biden’s decision to withhold ammunition from Israel is a grave mistake that puts lives at risk and undermines regional stability. It is imperative that President Biden reverses this decision and releases the necessary shipments to support Israel’s self-defence. Anything less would be a betrayal of ally and a dereliction of moral and strategic obligations.

To strengthen his stance, President Biden must consider unwaveringly condemning terrorist attacks and incitements against Israel, such as the recent rocket barrage that hit Tel Aviv. He must release military aid and cooperation to enhance Israel’s defence capabilities.

Biden should closely work with international partners to isolate and pressure hostile actors in the region, such as Iran, which has been linked to Hamas’ weapons supply. President Biden can demonstrate absolute and unshakeable support for Israel’s security and well-being by releasing weapons to Israel.

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