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Why Is America The Sucker Nation In Foreign Aid?


Why Is America The Sucker Nation In Foreign Aid?



The United States House of Representatives has passed foreign aid bill of $95billion dollars, ready to be sent to Senate for approval and subsequently signed by Joe Biden. The bill comprises $61billion aid for Ukraine, $26billion for Israel and $8billion for Indo-pacific region. Pertinent questions that have continued to beg for answers include but not limited to:

1. Why is Europe and European Union not contributing equivalently as United States to support Ukraine having been closer to the war torn nation than America? The United States has Atlantic ocean between her and Europe, hence Ukraine should be more critical to Europe than America with regards to any effect of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

2. Why has Biden’s administration failed consistently to.provide the road map for success in Ukraine war with respect to almost $100billion dollars aid that has already been provided?

3. Why has Biden and Democrats refused to provide accountability report of past funds sent to Ukraine as requested by the Republicans in the U.S House of Representatives?

Recent investigations by the House of Representatives revealed unprecedented level of corruption with Joe Biden and his Son Hunter whose bank accounts have traces of huge cash transfers from Ukraine, Russia and many other nations without clarity on the purposes of the transfers. Hunter Biden with zero experience in the oil and gas industry was discovered to have sat on the Board of Burisma, a Ukrainian company earning thousands of dollars. It has been consistently reported that tremendous corruption cases exist in Ukraine and as such America’s tax payers money cannot be spent in such reckless manner without due justification and accountability by Biden’s administration.

It is absolutely disgraceful that America’s greatest ally in the Middle East (Israel) who is faced with wars on different fronts with Hamas in Gaza, Hezbolla in Lebanon, Youtis in Yemen and Iranian aggressions got $26billion while Ukraine got $61billion dollars. The stand of the Republicans has always been that no foreign aid bill will be passed without fund to protect the Southern border. Why do Republicans allow themselves to be cheated in most cases by democrats in every facet of bill in the United States? The $95billion dollars foreign aid was passed without any fund to support and protect the border, another brazen loss to Republicans. Democrats are willing to spend billions to protect Ukraine or any other nation but care less about the invasion at Southern border. This is totally unfair.

It is time for Americans to stand up and demand absolute accountability from Biden with regards to all the funds spent in Ukraine. Enough of Biden’s and Democrats’ corrupt and total misuse of America’s tax payers money in the face of trillions of U.S dollars debt.

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