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The Nigerian Future Held Hostage: The Devastating Grip of Corruption


The Nigerian Future Held Hostage: The Devastating Grip of Corruption


Corruption has tightened its deadly stranglehold on Nigeria, imperiling the very existence of its citizens. This scourge has spawned a culture of violence, fueling terrorism, banditry, and kidnapping, which threaten to engulf the masses.

By diverting resources meant for essential public services, corruption deprives Nigerian citizens of their fundamental rights: access to quality education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

In a shocking exposé, Governor Alex Otti of Abia State revealed the staggering extent of corruption perpetuated by his predecessors. A forensic audit uncovered fraudulent contracts worth billions.

The governor disclosed that N79.3 billion was paid to seven contractors for contracts that were never executed; another N15.9 billion paid to 63 contractors with no supporting documents anywhere in the state, and another N12 billion was paid to two contractors for contracts that existed only on paper.

Of these, N10 billion was paid in September 2020 to a contractor for the construction of Abia State Airport. ‘’We have spent time looking for the airport, but we have failed to locate it,” the governor said, indicating that he had reported the matter to the security agencies. To underscore the gravity of the situation, Otti revealed that the N10 billion stolen through this phantom airport fraud was the exact amount he spent to clear the backlog of salaries and pensions he inherited.
Sadly, these revelations are not isolated incidents, as similar scams occur daily across the country. In Akwa Ibom State, abandoned projects litter the landscape, with fully paid-for contracts left uncompleted. A terminal building at the state-owned airport was awarded and paid for, only to be re-awarded to another contractor. Meanwhile, a toothpick factory and dairy farm, supposedly worth millions, remain nonexistent. Although the incumbent governor has made progress on the terminal building, the fate of the other projects remains unclear.
Neighboring states have their own tales of corruption, with one former governor notorious for ‘olympopo budgets’ and awarding illusory projects, fully paid for. Imo State under Rochas Okoracha’s administration serves as a prime example of corruption, deserving of its comprehensive investigation.
These examples underscore the endemic corruption plaguing our nation, with billions stolen through fraudulent contracts and projects. It’s time for collective action to hold Nigerian leaders accountable and reclaim the stolen resources.
The toxic combination of corruption, incompetence, and decadence has reduced the nation to a global laughingstock. Nigeria has hit rock bottom, and it’s unprecedented. The consequences of inaction will be catastrophic. It is time for collective action to break the chains of corruption and reclaim the nation’s destiny.
Every citizen owe it to themselves, their children, and future generations to rise and demand a better Nigeria.


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