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Israel Hostages In Gaza And Ceasefire Dilemma, A Secret Plot To Destroy Israel


Israel Hostages In Gaza And Ceasefire Dilemma, A Secret Plot To Destroy Israel


Following the deadly massacre of over 1200 Israelis by Hamas, Israel’s retaliation to defend her existence has potentially exposed Joe Biden’s unfair treatment, hypocrisy and secret bias over America’s greatest ally in the Middle East (Israel). Hamas, a globally recognised terrorist organisation extensively funded by Iran, received single greatest cash influx of over $6billion from Joe Biden which emboldened their financial resources and sponsorship of terrorism.

Israel has faced unprecedented persecutions and aggressive combats on various fronts with Hamas, Houthis, and Hezbollah in Gaza, Yemen, and Lebanon respectively, all at the same time. Yet, Joe Biden continues to display absolute backstabbing and deceitfully frustrate Israel’s singular mission of eliminating Hamas. Biden spends millions of dollars sustaining illegal immigrants into America but withholds arms to America’s ally who are fighting a just course of destroying a deadly terrorist organisation.
Several cease-fire held in the past between Israel and Hamas in Gaza proved the deceitful tendencies of Hamas who has deliberately rejected all requests by various global organisations to release Israeli hostages. It is still an unraveled story in which the United Nations need to clear their name on how Hamas was able to build several kilometers of tunnels under United Nation’s sponsored schools and hospitals in Gaza.
The State of Israel must not be deceived into believing that all the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza are completely safe, healthy and alive. History has it that Hamas has the penchant of not safely keeping Jews in their custody over a long duration. In as much as it is the wish of the families of the held hostages to receive their loved ones in safety and good health, Israel must recognise that any effort that intends to prevent IDF entering Rafah and achieving complete annihilation of Hamas is a threat to the existence of Israel. The task must be completed.
Further, Israel must begin the process of fashioning possible road maps that would guarantee complete independence from America as long as Joe Biden is in the White House. It’s worth noting that the U.S. Congress passed a foreign aid bill of $95 billion, allocating $26 billion to Israel. However, despite releasing a significant quantity of arms to Ukraine and Taiwan, Biden has withheld such support for Israel, which is very unfair. The decision to halt the shipment of bombs to Israel, under the pretext that they could be used in Rafah, is deeply unfortunate and clearly illustrates Biden’s stance on justice. The focus should be on Hamas, not Israel, to alleviate pressure.
Finally, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his cabinet members, and the IDF are encouraged to remain firm, strong, and resolute in their quest to totally eliminate Hamas and must reject Biden’s deceitful ceasefire deal, as that would be detrimental to Israel. It is worth expressing that those protest groups in Israel calling on the PM to accept the ceasefire deal are not true Israelis. The goal and the task are clear: to completely root out Hamas in Gaza to guarantee a non-repeat of October 7th. It is time for all genuine allies of Israel to unite and support her in achieving this crucial goal once and for all.

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