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Israel-Hamas: China, Russia Mocks As Biden’s UN Foreign Policy Flop Displeases Israel


Israel-Hamas: China, Russia Mocks As Biden’s UN Foreign Policy Flop Displeases Israel


In a strange turn of global diplomatic events on Monday, US President, Joe Biden, betrayal of Israel and blatant disregard for the UN binding charter was exposed at the UN Security Council as the White House plans for a sudden Israeli ceasefire resolution, was vetoed down by China and Russia.

The US, which has stood against all global calls for a ceasefire since the October 7th 2023 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, put forth a surprising “ceasefire” resolution before the house before getting stopped in its tracks by China and Russia who found elements of its ceasefire proposal unacceptable.

Days after, on the 25th of March, a new ceasefire resolution was successfully passed by all 14 member states with the US abstaining instead of vetoing, following changes made to its own resolution which it equally finds “unacceptable.”

Following the outcome of the ceasefire resolution which proved successful even as the US feigned powerlessness, an attempt by Biden’s representative at the council, Ambassador, Thomas-Greenfield, to downplay the resolution as “non-binding,” received a sharp rebuke from China and Russia who described Biden’s actions as a disrespectful promotion of disobedience and disregard for the binding UN charter.

The US attitude angered Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who saw through Biden’s hypocrisy as a dangerous threat to its mission to neutralize Hamas and rebuild a Palestine free from terrorists.

Diplomatic rows between the US and Israel have weakened significantly since Biden resumed office. Biden, who seeks a second term, has been accused of secretly fuelling the war and backstabbing Israel by fortifying Iran-based terrorists affiliated to Hamas with millions of dollars in unaccounted conditional funding disguised as development and humanitarian aid. It remained, for decades, the largest sponsor of UNRWA, a UN aid relief agency for Palestinians recently uncovered as a cartel ring for the incubation, indoctrination and funding of Hamas terrorists.

With the latest gaffe at the UN, it appears the US has failed woefully at its attempt to present itself as sympathetic to Hamas terrorists while worsening its a relationship with Israel in the process. Since 1949, the US had stood as Israel’s most reliable ally in the Middle-East. Such a cunning two-faced strategy was alien to the US foreign policy until the Biden administration.

Israel has an eternal, indivisible and undeniable right to defend itself to the fullest extent. She must continue to do so with or without the support of the US and the UN which together display a worrisome desire to let Hamas terrorist activity regroup and reinforce for a never ending cycle of attack against Jews.

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