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US Senate Democrats Faced Backlash

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US Senate Democrats Faced Backlash


Mayorkas, appointed by President Biden in 2021 to oversee the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is tasked with countering terrorism, managing borders, and enforcing immigration laws.

Critics argue that Mayorkas has consistently violated the constitution by failing to effectively implement laws that prevent illegal immigration, resulting in increased migrant-related crimes across the nation. It’s estimated that over 15 million illegal immigrants have entered the U.S. during the Biden administration’s tenure, raising concerns about national security and border management.

Obviously, Biden and Mayorkas have failed woefully in this regard. Efforts by States like Texas to combat illegal immigration have been met with opposition from the Biden administration, leaving many American citizens puzzled about the motives behind these callous acts.

The House of Representatives impeached Mayorkas on charges of “willful and systematic refusal to comply with the law” and “a breach of trust for misleading statements about border security.” However, Senate Democrats, voting along party lines, chose to dismiss the impeachment trial, drawing criticism from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who stated, “history will not judge this moment well.”

Mayorkas’s inability to provide satisfactory explanations on the invasion of the US through the Southern border, further fueled dissatisfaction with the decision of the Senate. The dismissal of Mayorka’s impeachment trial is a total disgrace and a new low for the U.S Senate.

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The consequences of the open border policies of Biden and Mayorkas have been tragic, including the deaths of individuals like Laken Riley, a nursing student at the University of Georgia, and NYPD officer Jonathan Diller, who were all murdered in cold blood by illegal immigrants.

Impeaching Mayorkas and holding the administration accountable are essential steps not only to emphasize the importance of robust border security but also to send a clear message to other members of Biden’s cabinet regarding their responsibility to uphold the law and protect American citizens.

In this critical moment, it is incumbent upon patriotic Americans to demand accountability from Biden, Mayorkas, and Senate Democrats for their failure to fulfill their duty to safeguard the nation’s borders and ensure the safety of its citizens.

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