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Illegal Migration: How US, Europe Is Funding It’s Extinction


Illegal Migration: How US, Europe Is Funding It’s Extinction


$412 Million! That’s how much the US spends everyday on illegal migrants since Joe Biden took office. For the UK, this avoidable mission costs £6 Million of taxpayers’ sweat spent daily on housing, food and upkeep for tens of thousands of illegal migrants and asylum seekers.


With such an influx of illegal migrants comes the importation of alien cultures, religion and tradition corrosive to the founding Western values.


For example, In Australia, last month, an Orthodox bishop was stabbed mid-sermon by a 16-year-old Islamic terrorist. Last week, several Ivy League colleges in the US became over-swarmed by violent antisemitic activists cheering the terrorism activities of Hamas and Hezbollah barely six months after over 1200 Israelis were murdered by Hamas.

The story is the same for London where a racist and divisive two-tier policing pioneered by the pro-Palestinian Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has seen British Jews become a target for harassment, verbal attacks and physical abuse, even as thousands of Islamic extremists and Arab migrants daily call for the genocide of Jews.


With a growing illegal migrant population, Europe is rapidly losing its godly values of hard work, tolerance and mutual respect to a toxic culture of hate, violence and religious extremism imported by migrants. Her social, political and demographic landscape is shaping up to reflect these retrogressive values even as many Arab migrants gear up to sway present and future elections in the direction of their antisemitic leanings.


The EU, US and UK must seriously consider the underlying reason behind the refusal of illegal migrants and Arab refugees to migrate to Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Tunisia and other wealthy Middle East and North Africa countries with a perfect ideological alignment.


As a way forward, stronger laws criminalizing the support for terrorism and religious extremism must be put in place by legislation across the US and Europe. Citizens must rise to vote for leaders even as the need to end all forms of illegal migration becomes increasingly exigent to prevent the cultural, social and religious extinction of Europe and America as it is known today.


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