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United Nations Injustice Against Israel And Impact Of Biden’s Failed Leadership In The World Stage


United Nations Injustice Against Israel And Impact Of Biden’s Failed Leadership In The World Stage


On 7th October 2023, the nation of Israel suffered the worst level of attack and killings on her citizens after the holocaust as Hamas, a terrible terrorist organisation operating from Gaza, invaded Israel killing over 1200 innocent citizens and abducting about 300 including a 4month old baby.

This barbaric and heinous act is yet to receive condemnation from the United Nation’s Secretary General, Antònio Guteress and some Arab nations. It is worthy of note that prior to this incident, Gazans enjoyed undisturbed freedom with Israel, and unrestrictedly carried out their daily business activities in Israel. However, following the October 7 attack, Israel has clamped down on the movement and activities of Gazans in order to protect themselves against further attacks, just like any other rational nation would do.

The international community and world leaders should come out clear in total condemnation of the absolute injustice being meted against the nation of Israel whose only crime is insisting on her right to self defence.

The United Nations Security Council’s resolution calling on immediate ceasefire in Gaza is totally unfortunate and the height of this injustice is that the United States of America, Israel’s greatest ally, has abstained from vetoing such ridiculous resolution.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia invaded Ukraine since February 2022 and has continued to inflict unimaginable level of destruction and killings; harnessing various provinces of Ukraine yet United Nations has not called for any ceasefire in Ukraine.

What a level of hypocrisy! Antònio Guteress has brought himself so low with his continuous display of hatred for Israel while keeping a blind eye on the various atrocities of Russia and China against other nations, providing aid to undeserving Arab nations while Israel is left with no support.

President Joe Biden of the United States has continued to display high level of incompetence; his glaring memory loss has caused terrible damage to world leadership. It is a total disgrace that the President of the most powerful nation on earth cannot make a meaningful statement of two sentences without a note put into his hand. This is totally unfortunate.

Biden’s recent lack of support for Israel in his bid to win the votes of Arab Americans is the peak of his terrible and failed leadership which may likely cause unimaginable damage to the United States.

Israel is the only functional democracy in the Middle East and America’s greatest ally, as the most formidable nation in the fight against global terrorism. America needs Israel and as such any act of witch-hunting or backstabbing of Israel will not augur well with America. Biden is destroying America’s greatness.

The world is in total disarray; war in Ukraine, war against Hamas and Hezbolla in Gaza and Lebanon respectively, Houtis terrorists attacking Israel from Yemen, North Korea’s continuous testing of ballistic missiles on South Korea, China’s unfair treatment of Taiwan, Mali, Senegal; military coups in Niger, war in Southern Sudan, killing of Christians in Southern Kaduna and other parts of Northern Nigeria; the list is endless. All these were not experienced during the four year tenure of President Trump.

It is high time the United Nations desisted from her continuous attack on Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must remain firm to Israel’s mission of completely eliminating Hamas in Gaza to prevent a re-occurrence of October 7 incident.

Joe Biden, America and other nations should provide the necessary support to Israel to ensure complete elimination of this terrorist organisation in Gaza. Any call for ceasefire when Israeli hostages are yet to be released by Hamas is absolutely unfair.

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