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America’s Long Decades Relationship With Israel Destroyed By Joe Biden The Potential Consequences And


America’s Long Decades Relationship With Israel Destroyed By Joe Biden The Potential Consequences And


In the last three years, Joe Biden has exhibited and portrayed acts of partiality, injustice and prejudice against the nation of Israel (America’s greatest ally in the Middle East). The U.S Congress recently approved foreign aid bill of $95billion which provided $61billion to Ukraine and $26billion to Isreal.

Joe Biden immediately commenced shipment of weapons to Ukraine but blocked that of Israel with flimzy reason of possible use in Rafah. Joe Biden and democrats should not forget the October 7th massacre of Isrealis by Hamas and insisting they will execute such attacks over again.
Last week, Biden said he would block the delivery of weapons such as bombs and missiles that could possibly be used by Israel in Rafah.

The million question begging for answers is, who has been supplying weapons and ammunitions to Hamas? Who assisted Hamas to build hundreds of kilometers of tunnels in Gaza? What has Joe Biden and Democrats done to prevent supply of weapons to Hamas? Why is Joe Biden, Democrats snd some nations against total elimination of a world renowned terrorist organisation?

The State of Israel has right to exist and to defend herself. Israel, a nation with a population of less than 10million surrounded by over 400million population of other nations deserves the greatest protection by her ally (America). Biden’s administration working assiduously to prevent Israel from completely eliminating Hamas is a total endorsement of terrorism which stands against the wish of the American people.

The glaring factor driving Biden in blocking supply of weapons to Israel is simply to win the votes of Arab-Americans in the forthcoming November 2024 Presidential elections. Simply put, he is ready to sacrifice the existence and survival of the Jews and America’s greatest all in the Middle East (Israel) for his selfish ambition. His recent interview with CNN clearly shows that he’s docile, senile, totally incompetent and has lost touch with realities.

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He’s totally unfit for another 4years in office because he has succeeded in destroying the United States. America needs a leader whose interest is simply to protect her citizens and beloved allies. What crime has Israel committed to deserve this total rejection, backstabbing and neglect by America? It’s absolutely unfortunate that the President of ‘God’s Own Country’ does not understand the huge importance of protecting God’s heritage and inheritance (the Jews). This is pathetic.

True citizens of America must rise and ensure Joe Biden and democrats do not win the November 2024 elections as that could lead to the destruction of the United States. They must vote for a President who is ready to defend America and her ally Israel as all hands must be on deck to revive and restore America to its rightful position on the world stage.


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